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[Listed below are the names of the POS staff who handle the corresponding vendors by Alpha (names of vendors). Please note that these are names (of vendors) the checks are made payable to, not the consumers’ names.]
Name Email Phone Fax Vendor Alpha
Lien Le 510-618-6133 510-678-4133  A, Z, 1 Step Forward, 24/7 Medstaff, Manos (HB0919, H38241)
Anna Rose Dionisio 510-678-1121 510-678-1171 Ca – Comm’l Suppt HB0346 thru HB0350, Medic Alert, U
Anna Chan

510-618-6120 510-678-4120 H, I, L, O
Lilia Baclagan 510-618-6138 510-678-4138 D, Elwynn, M, (except Mission Hope), Manos HB0873 & HB0827
Deborah Perez 510-618-6131 510-678-4131 P, 24 HR Home Care
Mae “Maria” Batino 510-618-6134 510-678-4134 SDP authorization, Floater for A – Z
Sopharath Chheng 510-618-6137 510-678-4137 S- Sx, Jerri’s Home, Ritz Fin Mgt
Katelin Villanueva 510-618-6118   B, E (except Elwynn), , F, Y
Harrison Nguyen 510-618-6301   J (except Jerri’s Home), K, N, Q, W, R (except Ritz Fin Mgt)
Jingyan Lu 510-618-6136 510-678-4136 Mission Hope, T, V

Wanda 'Huan' Chi 510-618-6135 510-678-4135

G, Comm’l Suppt HB0351 thru Cz, Sy-Sz

Rebecca (Becky) Pang
(Fiscal Monitor) 510-618-6139 510-678-4139  
Myrelle Tumale
(Fiscal Monitor) 510-618-6130 510-678-4130  
Lolita Borja
(Accounts Payable Manager) 510-618-7723 510-618-7773