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E-Billing Due Dates & Payments Release Date - FY 23/24

Service Period E-Billing Due Date Payment Release Date
Jul 2023 and prior services Aug 2, 2023 Aug 14, 2023
Aug 2023 and prior services Sep 5, 2023 Sep 13, 2023
Sep 2023 and prior services Oct 3, 2023 Oct 13, 2023
Oct 2023 and prior services Nov 2, 2023 Nov 13, 2023
Nov 2023 and prior services Dec 4, 2023 Dec 13, 2023
Dec 2023 and prior services Jan 3, 2024 Jan 12, 2024
Jan 2024 and prior services Feb 2, 2024 Feb 13, 2024
Feb 2024 and prior services Mar 4, 2024 Mar 13, 2024
Mar 2024 and prior services Apr 2, 2024 Apr 12, 2024
Apr 2024 and prior services May 2, 2024 May 13, 2024
May 2024 and prior services Jun 4, 2024 Jun 13, 2024
Jun 2024 and prior services Jul 2, 2024 Jul 12, 2024
Learn more about the DSP Training Stipend Program
Posted on November 8, 2023

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) can receive up to two (2) $625 stipends (before taxes) when they complete approved training courses through June 30, 2024. Vendors/Service Providers are eligible to receive $150 for employer-related costs

Take a moment to review how GGRC is working with employees and our providers to implement this program.
GGRC Direct Support Professional Training Stipend Program

Beginning Monday, October 9, 2023, our San Mateo office will have a new location, main phone number and main fax number:
Posted on October 9, 2023

Golden Gate Regional Center
1900 S. Norfolk Street, Suite 100
San Mateo, CA 94403
Phone: (650) 524-4500
Fax: (650) 524-4501

All other phone and fax numbers will remain the same. Office hours remain - 8:00am – 5:00pm.  Like our La Selva street location, there’s plenty of free parking.  The SamTrans 59 and 250 bus lines stop right in front of the building too. We look forward welcoming you to our new San Mateo location!

Important Information About Vendor Rate Increases
Posted on May 15, 2023

ATTENTION SERVICE PROVIDERS: Effective January 1, 2023, vendors of certain services may have received a rate increase pursuant to the State of California's implementation of the Rate Model. By law, vendors that received any increase must use at least a certain percentage of the increase for direct-care staff wages and benefits. The State has published a Directive with information for vendors about the percentage that must be used. For further information, please refer to the May 11, 2023 Directive published on the State Department of Developmental Services (DDS) website. See Details

GGRC Issues Three New Service RFPs
Posted on April 12, 2023

Golden Gate Regional Center is seeking providers to develop three distinct service programs as part of the agency's Community Resource Development Plan (CRDP) for the current fiscal year. To that end, GGRC is issuing three Requests-for-Proposals (RFPs)... See Details

Governor's SOE to Affect Vendor Billing
Posted on March 14, 2023

ATTENTION SERVICE PROVIDERS: Due to the widening damage caused by severe wind and rain, Governor Gavin Newsom has expanded his State of Emergency (SOE) declaration so that it now applies to an additional 21 counties. Please see the regional center's letter to service providers, dated March 13, for guidance on how to apply the Governor's SOE declaration to your GGRC billings.

Vendor Rate Model Implementation

In 2021, the State of California passed legislation that enacts a new rate model for many vendor services. Implementation of the rate model began in 2022, with the second phase of implementation going into effect January 1, 2023. For more details click here 

GGRC Seeks Vendors to Develop Social Recreation Programs – for more details click here 

Regarding recently posted GGRC Request for Proposals (Enhanced Behavioral Homes, HDO for a Children’s Specialized Residential Facility, Early Start Family Training, and Augmentative and Alternative Communication Training): GGRC experienced temporary technical difficulties with respect to the email address to which completed RFP applications must be delivered. That issue has been resolved.  If you recently submitted an RFP application to, and have not received an acknowledgement of receipt, kindly re-submit your application.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact Susan Pirnes at or 415-579-6315.

Golden Gate Regional Center issues Two Training RFP's  click here  

Golden Gate Regional Center is seeking providers to develop three residential service programs as part of the agency's Commuity Resource Development Plan (CRDP) for the current fiscal year.  To that end, GGRC is issueing three Requests-for Proposals (RFPs) For details:  click here 

Whistleblower Policy:

Golden Gate Regional Center has established a whistleblower policy to ensure that clients, families, service providers, agencies, community members, and regional center staff can in good faith, report suspicions, concerns, or evidence of illegal, unethical or other inappropriate activity without fear of retaliation. A complete copy of the policy including how to file a complaint, may be accessed on our website: Transparency and Accountability


On March 4, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom declared a State of Emergency (SOE) for California, as a result of the COV-19 pandemic.
The memo will provide service providers guidance on how to apply the SOE notice to your GGRC billings.

Please see GGRC's most recent COVID-19 related document:   Billing Guidance for August 2021.

IMPORTANT - Service Provider Update:

Day, Employment and Residential Service Providers are required to complete a Home and Community Based Services Final Rule: Provider Self-Assessment See details for Eligible Service Codes and Timelines

Golden Gate Regional Center's annual Community Resource Development Plan (CRDP) requires the development of services that will support and enhance the lives of individuals living in the community. As part of the current CRDP, the agency is issuing requests-for-proposals (RFPs).
See Details

Please see the announcement flyer issued for very important information regarding purchase-of-service (POS) authorizations for any service scheduled to begin between July 1st and 12th.

Effective July 1st, pursuant to the California Code of Regulations, Golden Gate Regional Center will cease authorizing retroactive purchase-of-service payments.  For important information about this change, see the announcement flyer issued by GGRC today.

Day Service Provider Community Information providing guidance for half day/full day billing requirements:
See Details

DDS online registration and certification system (eDSPT) at has been fully operational for 5 months. As of January 31, approximately 4000 DSPs, administrators and regional center staff have used the registration and certification website to register for training classes or challenge tests and to access DSPT certification.

The DSPT home page has detailed registration information including a recording of the Licensed Community Care Facilities Administrator eDSPT webinar at Please continue to share these resources with your CCF providers.

Beginning August 15, 2015 all Early Start providers are to comply with the Special Incident Reporting Regulations. Forms and instructions needed: Adult Programs - SIRS Forms & Instructions:

Inform GGRC of vacancy openings and closings in vendorized residential facilities by emailing

Effective July 1, 2014, all Authorizations to Purchases Services Forms will be sent electronically to service provides via e-mail. For more information: E-Mail Delivery System

To report vendor information changes (such as address, vendor name, or tax number) please email GGRC at Please include in the body of the email the specific changes and the vendor number(s) affected.
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